Past Projects

Shiva at Wits End (2024)

The second Counterminers show of 2024 was a rehearsed reading as part of the Tsisit Jewish Fringe Festival and Jewish Book Week. It was written by Estee Stimler and directed by Rachel Creeger.

“You went bargain hunting for your own father’s burial?!”

Two brothers find themselves grappling with the decision of whether to cremate or bury their late father, a delicate matter further complicated by their sister’s deep-seated frustration with the younger brother’s seeming aimlessness. Adding fuel to the fire is the intrusive presence of their yenta aunt and an unconventional rabbi who wants to test out his latest stand-up comedy routine.

“Shiva at Wits End” ran at King’s Place, King’s Cross for one performance on 3rd March 2024.

Creatives: Lew Forman, Estee Stimler, Rachel Creeger, Danny Becker, Rosie Yadid, Sue Kelvin, Simon Lipkin, Philip Simon

Not Even The Dogs (2024)

The first Counterminers show of 2024 took place in London. It was co-written and co-directed by Josh Baumring-Gledhill and Josh Myers.

When you’re watching us dance, see us dancing. And when you’re listening, hear us sing.

Amongst the desolate and decaying city of Warsaw, once the Jewish world’s epicentre of learning, art and culture, Emanuel Ringelblum takes a stand. Together with the city’s Jewish academics, he will create the Oyneg Shabes archive, and try to ensure the survival of the Jewish people and their collective, diverse, beautiful voice.

As the walls of the Ghetto close in and its population dissolves, what will the archive become? A distant memory of a forgotten people? Or the last whisper of Jewish dances, poetry, songs; the final ember of Ringelblum’s ancient people?

“Not Even The Dogs” ran at the The Old Red Lion Theatre, Islington from 16th to 20th January 2024.

Creatives: Ella McQueen, Lew Forman, Joshua Baumring-Gledhill, Joshua Myers, Evie Chandler, Sam Ebner-Landy, Ellie Sager, Estelle Cousins, Ashleigh Schuman, Michali Dantes, Sol Alberman

Lost & Found (2023)

One of two main Counterminers productions at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023, during our fifth consecutive year at the Festival. It was written by Molly Keating and directed by Juliet Gray.

“Have you ever been told that you’re too much? Too loud? Too chaotic? Too ambitious? Too Scottish? I have. I was too much. Too much of a fanny to dump him.”

Meet Maeve. She’s bold, fiercely loyal and wildly chaotic. As her home and university lives collide on a night out in Glasgow, drinks are swilled, hearts are broken, friendships are forged and slobbery snogs are exchanged. Lost and Found follows the sisterhood bond of three unlikely best friends from different corners of the UK, fighting to find themselves as they risk losing each other.

“Lost and Found” ran at The Caves with Just The Tonic on alternating days of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023, from 4th to 27th August 2023.

Creatives: Sofia Pricolo, Juliet Gray, Molly Keating, Noor Kabbani, Naqib Fakhrul
Cast: Megan Gall, Annie Ferguson, Daisy Casemore, Lucy Melrose, Jemima Jayne, Noor Kabbani, Matt O’Malley, Oscar Bryan

Hersterectomy (2023)

One of two main Counterminers productions at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023, during our fifth consecutive year at the Festival. It was conceptualised by Hollie Avery and devised by the cast.

“What if you meet the right man down the line? You might change your mind!” “Why waste a good pair of ovaries?”

Carmel is a lesbian with no interest in having children. She has polycystic ovary syndrome. She wants a hysterectomy. It shouldn’t be that hard, right? To meet the archaic criteria, she plots to curate the perfect nuclear household: a loving husband, a couple of kids and a red SMEG fridge. But family is never straightforward – especially a fake one…

It’s hysterical. It’s hormonal. It’s Hersterectomy.

“Hersterectomy” ran at The Caves with Just The Tonic on alternating days of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023, from 3rd to 26th August 2023.

Creatives: Lew Forman, Emer Williams, Hollie Avery, Ruby Loftus, Florence Carr-Jones, Greta Abbey, Max Nyman, Leonardo Shaw, Georgia Gabrielides, Orly Benn, Huw Turnbull, Aaron de Verés, Lilli Steffens, Martha Barrow and Freya Game

With a Smile (2023)

A smaller scale production that previewed in Nottingham and Edinburgh in 2023, written and directed by Izzy Ponsford.

“With a Smile” is a brand new comedy following the lives and stories of four people as they work together in a bar and they navigate the various difficulties of the modern world. 

The play follows the waiters serving and imitating clientele from every walk of life and provides a wickedly funny glimpse of the world as seen through the eyes of the four long-suffering workers. Join us for a fascinating view of the reality that lurks behind the neon signs and Negronis.

“With a Smile” previewed at the Nottingham New Theatre Festival on 10th June 2023, and was followed by three performances at The Caves with Just The Tonic from the 25th to 27th August 2023 as part of Theatre Paradok‘s Platform Programme at the Fringe Festival.
Creatives: Izzy Ponsford, Lew Forman, Liz Dokukina
Cast: Nicole Raquel Dennis, Barry O’Reilly, Meg Hill, Jaz Terry

Lifeboats (2023)

The Counterminers made their London debut in June 2023 with “Lifeboats”, a new song cycle written by Gus Gowland and directed by Izzy Ponsford.

“In “Lifeboats”, seemingly unconnected strangers meet and share their stories. As each tale is told, the strangers begin to realize they are not alone: that someone just like them has walked this path before.

Through learning about one another’s lives and loves, they come to recognise that they are part of a history and a community that is rich and vibrant, resilient and hopeful.

“Lifeboats” explores moments of identification and recognition for LGBTQ+ people, rejecting stories of tragedy and telling joyful stories of queerness. Join us in a celebration of hope and happiness with Lifeboats, a musical that speaks (and sings) to the joy and history of the queer community.”

“Lifeboats” ran at the Kings Head Theatre in Angel, London as part of Tania Azevedo’s Musical Theatre Pride Lab Season from 14th to 19th June 2023.

Creatives: Izzy Ponsford, Lew Forman, Ben Mark Turner, Freya Game, Gus Gowland
Cast: Nicole Raquel Dennis, Barry O’Reilly, Meg Hill, Jaz Terry

Cheeky Girls (2022)

Edinburgh-based dark comedy collective The Counterminers returned for their third Fringe with a new-writing piece by Florence Carr-Jones, “Cheeky Girls”. 

Imagine if Jesus was resurrected again. Ugh. So hot. It’s Freddi’s world and we’re just living in it. Life is her kingdom. With Flick and Molly by her side, she is unstoppable, unflappable and uncompromising. It’s magnificent mayhem – until it’s not. Looking for something a bit naughty? A bit experimental? You might even say: a bit cheeky? Well, look no further!”

“Cheeky Girls” ran at Lower Theatre, theSpace @ Niddry St (Venue 9) as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022, from 22nd to 27th August 2022. 

The show can will shortly be streamable on SceneSaver! Streaming is free but if you could not see the production in person, we’d really appreciate a donation to support our future projects.

Creatives: Florence Carr-Jones, Ruby Loftus, Lew Forman, Emer Williams, Minna Gillett, Georgia Gabrielides, Huw Turnbull, Leonardo Shaw, Laura Brady, Martha Barrow, Lilli Steffens, Lucia Comaschi.

Radio 69 (2021)

Radio 69 was our brand new devised comedy for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021. 

 “Radio 69” is an irreverent British comedy set in a radio station in the Scottish borders. It follows the mundane lives of the people who work there, as everything falls apart around them in a race against time to stop the station from closing forever.

“Radio 69” ran at theSpace @ Symposium Hall (Venue 43) as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021, from 16th to 21st August at 7.05pm.

The show can now be streamed on SceneSaver! Click here to do so! Streaming is free but if you could not see the production in person, we’d really appreciate a donation to support our future projects.

Creatives: Hollie Avery, Zoë Robertson, Holly Sargent, Kiara Mason, Jamie Cushing, Lew Forman, Lizzie Freestone, Emer Williams, Poppy Goad, Tom Creswell, Leonie Findlay, Mallory Smith, Lois Zonnenberg

The Closing of a Small and Insignificant Bowling Alley (2020)

“The Closing of a Small and Insignificant Bowling Alley” was our 2020 show. It previewed at Bedfest 2020, at Bedlam Theatre, before the Fringe version of the show was created.
“Following the events of one long day in the fictional town of Longstanton in the West Country, “Bowling Alley” takes us on a journey featuring a dead cat, a boat in a landlocked country, a bottle of Famous Grouse, an unfounded romance, and the worst threat of all: Capitalism.”
Unfortunately, the 2020 Fringe was cancelled, and “Bowling Alley” was only ever performed once, but it was our experience creating this show that laid the foundations for “Radio 69”.
Creatives: Hollie Avery, Jamie Cushing, Leonie Findlay, Eduardo Fahey, Lew Forman, Chloe Hendry, Zoë Robertson, Rhys Seeburger, Emer Williams.

Mother and the Monster (2019)

“Mother and the Monster” was the first Counterminers production. The show ran during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019. 

“Charlotte was a legendary Hollywood props mistress who disappeared from public view decades ago. Now she lives in retirement, with no one to keep her company except the cleaning lady and a mysterious voice coming from her cupboard. Can a young journalist coax her to reveal what happened all those years ago? And who is it who keeps calling Charlotte ‘mother’?”

“Mother and the Monster” ran from 20th August to 25th August 2019, at Laughing Horse @ The Golf Tavern, (Venue 114) as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019.

Creatives: Eduardo Fahey, Lew Forman, Isabella Forshaw, Shin Woo Kim, Emily Knutsson, Erin Lynch, Arabella Spendlove.