Cheeky Girls

Edinburgh-based dark comedy collective The Counterminers are back for their third Fringe putting on a new-writing piece by Florence Carr-Jones, “Cheeky Girls”. 

Imagine if Jesus was resurrected again. Ugh. So hot. It’s Freddi’s world and we’re just living in it. Life is her kingdom. With Flick and Molly by her side, she is unstoppable, unflappable and uncompromising. It’s magnificent mayhem – until it’s not. Looking for something a bit naughty? A bit experimental? You might even say: a bit cheeky? Well, look no further!”

“Cheeky Girls” runs at Lower Theatre, theSpace@Niddry St (Venue 9), from 22nd to 27th August 2022. Tickets are available here!